peter swaffer - a short history

I graduated from Eastbourne and Brighton Colleges of Art with distinction. Since graduation, I have Art Directed with J. Walter Thompson and have been extensively involved with the Advertising and Graphic Design Industry, including my own Partnership Practice.

My paintings are predominately in oil although I have developed an interest in pen and watercolour washes which provide a certain spontaneity and freshness. I have worked thematically on a series of paintings based on my travels and observations. I admire the work of the mid 1900's painters, loosely named the Impressionists, and have produced a series of interpretive paintings reflecting the techniques and composition of these masters.

I have been particularly inspired by Venetian scenes, where I find the combination of classic architecture, light and water irresistible. My paintings are in private collections across four continents.

I have written and illustrated a children's book 'Tommy', a story of a steam engine adventure based around the bedtime exploits of my daughter’s teddy bear, Robert.

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