The Gap Year Letters

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The Gap Year Letters


These were letters sent by me to my daughter Emily whilst she was enjoying a Gap Year in New Zealand. They were written over the course of ten months or so and began with letters containing just a couple of hundred words. Over a relatively short period they were expanded to around two and a half thousand plus words and sent on a weekly basis. It was my only contact with her apart from intermittent phone calls and Skype’, which have their inherent limitations. The weeks letter was added to daily in accordance with events at home and my perception of how they impacted on my life at that time. It also serves, in an oblique way, to have a record of Sarahs and my life in Trellis and how we were handling the move from our original home in Brighton. A diary in fact, albeit a loose one.

Some of the content of these letters was deliberately written in a humorous way so as not to read as a British Rail Timetable and some of the chronology is incorrect to a certain degree. However, it is all based on my perception of such events, even though there maybe some embellishments and distortion of those times to make for a more interesting read.

It contains no sex, strobe lighting, violence or nudity although it does include a smattering of expletives where I thought them to be appropriate and those with a rather delicate disposition should look away now.

This book will be published as an e-book on 10th December 2012. Please see my 'Links' page for details.

Everyone who has read the draft manuscript have included the line "Wonderful words" and all have said "I couldn't put it down" including some, who didn't put it down but read it from cover to cover.      

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